WiFi Hotspots


Simple, affordable & commitment free Wireless Internet Access 

You don`t need any extra software to get online with Vanilla`s Public Wi-Fi Hotspots. All you need is a wireless enabled laptop or mobile device.

No contracts. No fuss
Just buy the amount of WiFi access you require. Use your credit / debit card online to get instant access!

Safe & Secure Wireless broadband 
The payment page on our WiFi Network is fully secured. Your details are safe and secure and we will not divulge them to anyone else. Guaranteed hacker safe too!

Affordable and Fair Wi-Fi
Our prices start at just €1 for 3 hours of WiFi access. All subscriptions allow access starting from the first time you login and use the Wi-Fi service.

How do I do it?
You must be in an area where you can connect to our Vanilla Public Hotspot (the names that show up on your WiFi - SSID - may vary). You can then purchase time using your credit / debit card or PayPal online.


3 hours (500GB data limit) €1
10 hours (1GB data limit €3
1 day (1GB data limit) €5
1 week (3GB data limit) €7





Other Long Term Rates: 

1 year contract (7GB data limit) €15/month
1 year (20GB data limit yearly) €40


Offer WiFi services to your clients 
Are you interested in offering a WiFi service to your clients? We can carry your traffic over our infrastructure and allow your company to offer its own WiFi service! Contact us on info@vanilla.net.mt to set up a meeting.

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