Meet the Vanilla Team!

David Thake - Chairman

David has been working in business since 1984. He owned various computer stores until 1999 representing Nintendo and Atari. He started Malta's largest online community (Gamer BBS) in 1990 that provided local access to online information until the Internet was introduced to Malta in 1996. Gamer BBS was then upgraded to Orbit Online Internet Service and was Malta's largest ISP when it changed hands in 1999. He launched a VoIP in Malta as OneVoice in 2003 and then started Vanilla Telecoms Limited in 2005 as the first nationwide broadband wireless network. He is the Chairman of both Vanilla Telecoms Ltd and and keeps both companies firmly on the ground. He is also very passionate about radio and has been a DJ on various radio stations for 21 years. He is currently a DJ on Radio 101.

Steffi Thake - Adminstrative Assistant

Steffi has been working alongside her father since 2011 - running the service provided by as well as administrative work for Vanilla Telecoms. Being very fond of animals and the environment, she studied Animal Management at MCAST for 2 years obtaining a Higher National Diploma in the process. She is also not a stranger to the theatre having performed on stage almost her whole life. She is currently undergoing training to obtain an ACTL in (Performing) Speech and Drama.  

Pamela Abu Zeineh - Accountant

Pamela left Poland and moved to Malta in 2013. Since then she has been working with Vanilla Telecoms as an Accountant. She also assists Steffi with helping to keep everything running smoothly. She spent 3 years studying at a private university in Warsaw where she was awarded a Bachelors degree in Finance and Banking. When she is not working you'll find her enjoying life in general! She loves watching movie and reading a good book. She also enjoys cooking and you'll often find her in the kitchen cooking something delicious for her family. 

Agnieszka Rusak - Billing Specialist

Hailing all the way from Poland, she has lived in Malta for almost 4 years now. Before she moved to Malta in November 2010, she was the manager of a bookstore in Poland. She spends most of her time taking care of a beautiful 3 year old girl as well as sorting all of the accounts. In her spare time she indulges in a little photography (which she is exceptionally good at), reading and travelling when she gets the chance.  

John Aquilina - Sales Executive

John has been involved in sales related jobs for the good part of thirty five years now. He has done both direct sales and also business to business sales, in some cases even right from start up of operations. He is fairly good humoured and loves a good laugh, likes archery and most of all  he loves to listen and understand. In his profession he deems this as key in establishing a very healthy and two way relationship with clients.   

Robert Vella - Installer

Robert is a handyman by trade and previously worked in construction for about 20 years. He is a very hard worker and this is made very evident by the quality of his work. When he is not at work he is spending time with his 7 year old son whom he loves dearly and who has also instilled in him an incredible love for tropical fish and aquaria. 


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