Benefit from fantastic standard rates! 


Calls to Malta fixed lines cost 2c per minute and calls to Malta mobile cost 10c per minute calculated at 20 second increments.


What we can offer


    Unlimited SIP Channel Single SIP Channel

Monthly Cost (per DDI)

  €3.95 €1

Setup Cost (per DDI)

  €9.95 €1
Bundles?    No Yes, a number of bundles are available to you
Setup Time   Forms must be filled in Sign up online immediately on








Try our new service Cempilli now in advanced beta stage. Low cost calls and international numbers from over 60 countries activated on your account instantly. Super low-cost plans. Ideal for anyone who wants to save money, or Maltese emigrants wanting to stay in touch with family and friends. Your only commitment is to pay for the service while you use it. If you cancel you will be billed up till the end of the calendar month. You will be billed for your calls on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month. 

As mentioned above, we can offer a Single SIP Channel at €1 per DDI with a set up cost of €1. You also have the following plans available to you: 

  • UNLIMITED calls to Malta landline - €3.95 per month
  • UNLIMITED calls to EU, USA, Australia & Canada landline - €8 per month
  • UNLIMITED calls to Malta land and mobile - €19.95 per month


Sample Price Guide:

Here is a sample price guide showing some of the prices that you can be expected to pay when making calls to the following countries. All prices are calculated at 20 second increments and are exclusive of VAT. Other rates are available on demand and are always available to you via our customer portal.

Malta fixed lines 2c / minute
Malta mobile lines 10c / minute
UK landline from 1c2 / minute
UK mobile from 4c / minute
Germany landline from 1c3 / minute
Germany mobile from 7c / minute
Italy landline from 1c / minute
Italy mobile from 4c / minute
Libya landline from 25c / minute
Sweden landline from 1c5 / minute
Sweden mobile from 2c7 / minute
USA landline & mobile from 1c2 / minute
China landline & mobile from 2c4 / minute

Other Great Features 

Low rates from day one

Choose between a standard rate sheet and no contract or opt for our bundles in exchange for a 24 month agreement. It’s your choice.

Service within one working day

If you can give us all the correct documentation and fulfil our accounting and finance requirements, then we can have your service up and running within one working day.

Take your number with you wherever you go

With our telephony service, you can have a telephone number on your Laptop, your Tablet your mobile phone…. anywhere you choose. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make and receive calls at your low rate. That also means that you can travel with your number and STILL keep your low rates. Say “bye bye” to roaming charges. Just make sure you have access to wifi or else buy a data-sim in the country you’re visiting.

Never miss another call

Our service allows you to have one main number and other secondary numbers. When your main number receives a call, all your secondary numbers will ring. Have a call ring on your tablet, your laptop, your office and home if that’s what you need. Who needs forwarding?

Get your own International number

Vanilla also provides numbers from 63 different countries. That would allow you to have a UK number (for example) that your UK clients or relatives can call – they would pay their standard calls rates in the UK. This call is delivered to whichever device you prefer… or all if them if you want! You can even have this number be Toll-Free if you’re feeling extra generous (you would pay for the calls in that case).


We have recently introduced a new service whereby your PABX can be completely virtual! Eliminate the cost of having to set up a server for a physical PABX and instead pay a monthly fee to have your PABX hosted virtually! Click here for more information and to view our prices.


Subscribing to our service is easy. Download our subscription forms from the FORMS page in the top menu. Fill in the forms correctly and email them together with a scanned copy of your ID card to where we will make sure that your account is processed as quickly as possible.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


By using these services, you signify that you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

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