Vanilla Telecoms SIP telephony services. Terms and conditions of use.

The following terms and conditions apply if you have subscribed to our telephony services. These terms apply to all our different brand names that encompass services delivered by Vanilla Telecoms Ltd.

1) Customers are given access to our self-care user portal and are responsible for ensuring that the details contained in this portal are correct and up to date at all times.

2) All services are prepaid unless previously agreed in writing. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have sufficient funds to make and receive calls as well as pay any monthly recurring charges including line and number rental charges. If insufficient funds prevent the renewal of these charges, the customer account may be suspended automatically and any numbers may be unallocated. Vanilla carries no responsibility for any damages to the customer should numbers be disconnected due to insufficient funds in their account.

3) Persons wishing to port to the Vanilla network from another network must fulfil all our porting requirements including completing the necessary forms and providing requested documentation.

4) Should an existing Vanilla customer initiate porting of a number attached to a Vanilla account, the customer should ensure that all the required documentation is supplied to their new operator to facilitate porting. Some international numbers might not be possible to port.

5) If a customer is granted post-paid status, then any termination of account or porting out of any services may only take place after ALL outstanding charges are paid in full. Should the agreed credit terms be exceeded all services may be suspended until the account is brought back in order.

6) Should a customer opt to negotiate a specific rate or bundle, then these rates would be subject to a 2-year contract. Such contracts would be subject to an early termination fee that would be equal to half the sum of the monthly rentals of the unused period between the contracted 2-year period and the date of early termination.

7) As our services are delivered over IP (Internet protocol), the Customer understands that should there be any technical disruption in the customer’s internet service (whether provided by Vanilla or by any other ISP), their telephony service might face quality degradations or total outage until these technical issues with their internet service are overcome.

8) All our services are governed by a fair usage policy. If it becomes apparent that a customer is making unreasonable or automated use of their telephone line, Vanilla reserves the right to terminate services being supplied to the customer after giving 24 hours warning.

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