The GOLD level of service offers an international bandwidth ratio of 15:1, meaning that at this level, the user will experience speed slow-downs only occasionally this level of service includes response within 3 working days after reporting a fault.

The Minimum Commitment Period is of 6 months, therefore it is not possible to opt for this level of service without committing for at least 6 months.

Installation cost is FREE if the contract is pre-paid for 24 months on contract. Otherwise the normal installation cost is €25/hour, excluding the charge of any specific mounting equipment required for the modem.



At this level we can also offer: 

  • FREE WiFi access on any one of our WiFi zones
  • No Download Limit
  • Fixed IPs at a rate of €25/year
  • Firewall services for €10/month
  • Web filtering for 15% of the monthly fee


Below is our pricing table for the GOLD Quality of Service. Prices are on a per month basis.

Speed (Download / Upload) PPPoE Bridge 5 IPs
35MB / 15MB €80 €85
55MB / 15MB €90 €95
50MB / 30MB €100 €105
50MB / 50MB €130 €135


All the above include a single channel SIP (telephone line) with an incoming number and with unlimited calls to local fixed numbers. Calls to other numbers are PREPAID.

Unless otherwise stated the Typical Speed Range corresponds to the advertised speed

Please get in touch for more information about this service! 

All prices are excluding VAT.

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